Thursday, 15 March 2012

WELCOME! Where to go lah???

 Malaysia is in its infancy (Stalled?) for motorised and towed camping and the accommodations that are required for it. There is a ready market but, how can there be Caravans, Motor Homes or Camper Vans without a place to stay and camp? But, in turn, how can there be campgrounds without Caravans, Motor homes or Camper vans? The “Chicken & Egg Syndrome” continues!
 Across Europe, U.S.A, Canada, South America and even Thailand there have been such places available for many years. In Malaysia we have to start. There are so many beautiful rivers, lakes, highlands and beaches all around this country with a great road system already up and running. No one is just going to make a purpose built campground at this early stage of course.
 Tents and kids on school holidays are another kind of camping and should not be included in this concept unless a large scale campground is to be set up. This is about “Motorised Camping”, a more “Up market” form of camping which contributes to the tourism industry economy in a big way in some countries.
 Adults (with families as well) driving with their accommodation towed or in their vehicle, with most of their necessities along with them, are one step away from booking into a hotel and able to afford more than just a patch of dirt for free. Certain facilities are a must for the motorised campers to truly enjoy their holidays. 
 At this stage in Malaysia, let’s use what might already be available or what can be set up with a minimal amount of expense and commitment. Actually, there are already many places one could camp/park, but there is no information available to guide us.
There are Motor Homes, Camper Vans and Caravans in Malaysia already, with many people showing interest in owning, renting and even building their own form of “Motorised Camper”. Now is the time to take the next step! Let’s Get Organized! Let’s find out where we can go camping!
 There are a growing number of adults who are trying to get back to nature with their friends and families. There are many new nature reserves and national parks and resorts that are popping up all around the country as well. There is a large increase in 4X4, SUV and MPV sales. Our road system in most of Malaysia is almost excellent.  Look on the internet for vehicle Campsites in Malaysia and you will see almost nothing, bits and pieces only. Let us work with what might be already available, and set up a proper guide for these adventurers. It’s a new and growing form of tourism!
 There is one man who is already well into camping with his Campervan around Malaysia, Mr. TJ Chang, We salute you for leading the way! His Blog contains much needed info on his Camping experiences and additional information on Motorised Camper vehicles in Malaysia and around the world. Check it out!

 * If you think you might have an area that could accommodate 3-4 or more Campervans, Motor Homes or Caravans, maybe you could consider adding this sideline to your establishment as an added source of income. If you are interested, please read on and register with our website by my email below. If you cant fill it out and email it, just use the numbers on each box and type it in an email. Become part of a nationwide network of campsites for the “motorized” campers. Setting up does not have to be a big investment and you might have what it takes already. Plus, this website is free! Here' some information/ideas on what is needed for a caravan/Motor Home/Camper Van campsite:

Facilities for:
Motor Home/Campervan /Caravan Campsites
Basic facilities may include:
  • AC power connection. (Usually rated by capacity such as 15, 20, 30 or 50 amperes.)
  • Drinking water connection
  • Public Toilet & Shower, Possible Sewer connection or place to dump chemical toilet tanks.
  • Hotspot (Wi-Fi) *A place to throw garbage! Bins!
Park facilities Ideas may include:
  • Gift shop / Golf Courses / Hot tubs / Laundry / Picnic tables / Restrooms
  • Recreation Hall / Showers / Swimming pool / Lake or Pond
  • Bar / Restaurant
  • *Not all the above is required, Electric, Water and Toilets/Showers would be a very good start. Ease of entry and exit of campground, smooth road for long and large vehicles with plenty of space to turn around is a must. A level, hard ground (Gravel), area for camping.  A sign at the road indicating camp ground location.
* For those of you who have traveled around Malaysia and know some useable campsites or areas you have camped already, please inform me with as much information as possible and some photos if possible. Use this form as a guideline. If you cant fill it out and email it, just use the numbers on each box and type it in an email. I will add to the list and catagorize it by states. Penninsular Malaysia only for now.
My Email is:
Please address subject as : "Campervan Campsite + State"

Mark B. Ruffin Rock & Roll Blues Cafe Melaka


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  2. Hi Mark, I'm living in Singapore and planning a trip to Malaysia East Coast. Couldn't find anything about camper van renting and camping sites in Malaysia, but I was wondering if things have changed since this blog post. Does anyone else have any suggestions, too?

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